Support System & Our Story

Support System & Our Story

Thank you to all who have educated and blessed us with your stories. They inspire and educate endlessly. We would like to repay the favor. I am the founder of Simply J, and here is my story and the importance of having a rock star support system.

As the oldest of three siblings, our divorced parents married young, and without financial education. We were considered poor to low middle class. Money was always a concern, and wealth was a bad word.

My self-worth and confidence were destroyed when I was sexually abused by a non-family member at age of 10. I sought comfort in education. School was my sanctuary. The first to attend college, self-funded, and achieve a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Had an amazing and robust career. Touched 1,000s of businesses and built my personal and professional network, many are considered my friends.

During college, I began consuming cannabis for two reasons: battle anxiety and resetting. High levels of anxiety while in school full-time and working 50 hours, along with overcoming my battle with self-worth. While micro dosing, you learn to designate time to yourself and allow yourself to reset. I used transcendental meditation, Bowen, and art during my dosing.

Prior to my consumption of cannabis, I was ‘anti-drugs’. My parents were huge cannabis consumers as I was growing up but that was not the cause of their poor money management; it was lack of education. Currently, my mom struggles with opioid addition due to pain management and beginning her journey with cannabis and CBD. P.S. She is my best friend.

Birthed, naturally, my beautiful baby girl, after 2 ½ years of holistic attempts, Abigail ‘Abby’ at 39. Now, once you are responsible for another human life, perspectives significantly change. 40 was my ‘aha’ moment. What changed?? I wanted more, and realized I was worthy. I worked HARD, educated myself, and built my inner circle of strong freaking women who support and inspire me, as I do them. Please note, many men are in my network, including my favorite, my supportive husband. Our relationship is not perfect, nothing is, but we have learned so much together and hope our paths continue to intertwine. I waited a long time for him and deserve his affection.

Founded Simply J (all women national accounting firm supporting wellness organizations including cannabis) because of the need to build strong foundations in any business, and to be the support system. Became a millionaire and on path to decamillionaire. Found the right dosing of cannabis to support my fabulousness while raising a strong, little girl and educating her about cannabis, business, and self-worth.

And my/our journey is just the beginning. At Simply J, we have huge missions. Now, as a true introvert and Scorpio, this was difficult to share but needed.

Nothing worthy is easy. Please keep sharing your stories. Hold your heads high. Keep going! Raise the ‘W!’

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