Simply J Weekly Words: We Love Mornings

Simply J Weekly Words: We Love Mornings

Happy Monday! We must admit. This week’s words are inspired by our 2nd read through the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Thanks, Hal.

Now most of us truly enjoy our mornings and have our rituals to motivate us on a Monday. Our leader, like many with her mindset, takes it to a whole another level. We hear the term entrepreneur mind

set often. We want to share her morning journey to educate, inspire, and empower. Every minute counts and changing at least 5 minutes can move mountains.

As an early morning riser, 3:30am-4am (yes, bedtime always comes early too), she starts with water, coffee, and some reading of her choice. It is a lovely kick start of the brain. Next, she writes, using paper and pen (that’s right), her thoughts, reviews priorities for the day, and a few things she is grateful for.

4:30am-5am… A quick stretch and it’s off to the Peloton. Light warm up, strength, and 20-minute workout. The Black Keys, Collective Soul, The Score, and pretty much anything 90s rock. She loves intense work outs.

5:30am-6am… Light breakfast, shower, and 20-minute meditation alongside her six-year-old in bed. She has been practicing transcendental meditation (thanks, Bill) since she was pregnant with Miss Abby, and performs with her in the room. Abby has been slowly mimicking Mommy (blessed).

6am-7:30am… perform work tasks slotted for that time frame

7:30am-8:30am… spend time with Abby and sending her off to school

8:30am-8:45am… dance party in the kitchen usually to 90s rap and R&B drinking water with lime and getting ready to rock the day

Above all, this morning ritual pushes her to be positive, enlightened, and motivated. Being an entrepreneur is difficult. It is a constant roller coaster with its ups and downs. It can beat you do

wn and make you want to hit the snooze.

We all need grounding. We all need to find ways that push us to be our very best. We all deserve happiness, enlightenment, and satisfaction. This life has so much to offer. Go with love. And as always, keep going.

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