Simply J Weekly Words: Self Talk

Simply J Weekly Words: Self Talk

We speak often of positive thinking and self worth. Here is an example of what our leader does during her morning workout ritual.

The workout area holds no humility. The mat is my power place. I meditate, stand, stretch, squat, plank, lift, etc. on this mat and talk to myself with powerful words.

When the repetitions start to shake me, I begin my powerful word mantra. I am strong, worthy, wealthy, successful, loving, supportive, intelligent, inspiring, empowering…

My mat is my sanctuary. Nothing can stop me on this mat. I’m learning to take those thoughts with me when I leave my mat.

When I’m feeling anything negative, I go physically or mentally back to my sanctuary, my mat.

We all experience negative emotions/feelings. The power is pulling ourselves from those thoughts and rising above with words of love, gratitude, and motivation.

So when you feel those useless thoughts, think of our leader on her mat. Create a space where you feel positivity and go back there as much as possible.

Sending you all love and light. Keep going! 💪🙌🏻🔥💜🌱


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