Simply J Weekly Words: Enlightenment

Simply J Weekly Words: Enlightenment

Our apologies for missing last week’s weekly words. We have been supporting our tax partners, who are also rock stars, so this week’s offering has a few additional words. Thanks.

Has anyone woken up one morning after a bought of 🤔… fog and experienced clarity? If not, then damn we wish you all some of that.


When we realize what really matters, or simply reminded of such.

Now clearly there are challenges in life. There are external forces (reality, theory, and the like) that will exist regardless. We could talk about that for hours. Proactive is always peace of mind. 💯

And then there are internal opportunities to embrace (and support whatever sanity remains) such as self love, positive thinking, serving with purpose, and education. Self investment is the best investment.

It always comes back to spirituality. That is our 💡 for the week. What does that mean to us? Love, faith, acceptance, passion, humility, and gratitude just to name a few.

What actions support spirituality? Meditation, exercise, hugs, diet, acts of kindness, smiling…

Now if we think and act with any or all of these beautiful words, then we are at our best. And that is what we can control.

So when our minds are spinning in circles, mornings are slow to start, or goodness forbid it is worse, please find spirituality in its many forms. Or at least Google it and see where that leads. 🙃

We appreciate you. Thanks for reading. 💪🔥💜🙌🏻🙏🌱

Keep going. Raise the ‘W!’

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