Simply J Weekly Words: Endurance

Simply J Weekly Words: Endurance

We wanted to discuss an experience we each share and certain we are not alone.

We refer to it as the ‘funk.’ We all have those days where there seems to be this dark cloud following us wherever we go. Or we are experiencing something life changing that can be overwhelming or unpleasant.

Now, we could allow these experiences to define us and bring us down. But will this help and add value? Negative. Would being sad or mad be beneficial? Nope.

As we have mentioned in prior weekly words, those negative emotions are more exhausting than positive ones.

So, how do we manage periods of funk or challenging change? Yes; movement, meditation, affirmations, etc.

But, gratitude is what truly allows us to endure. There is always someone who has endured more. They have had more challenges, trauma, and experiences.

One of our own is in the midst of a divorce. Granted this experience is challenging and comes with significant change, but, she realizes this experience could be worse.

She has witnessed worse scenarios of divorce. And she is grateful for her experience. That realization, along with an amazing coalition, is enough to give her the endurance to continue moving.

So let us consider and act with gratitude rather than suffering. Let us remove frowns with smiles. As always, keep going. 💪🔥🙌🏻🔥💜

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