Simply J Weekly Words: Change

Simply J Weekly Words: Change

“A change will do you good…” (Sheryl Crow) We truly believe it does.

Change is a necessary part of life. Change promotes growth and evolution. Change can also trigger fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

There is not a week where we experience an opportunity that makes us want to vomit a little (sometimes, a lot). We move forward anyway. Chin up, breathing deeply, and reassurance that life, the universe, has presented this experience for a purpose.

We have experienced significant change, personally and professionally, over the last year. We have continued to build our coalition of amazing women, developed strong bonds with the men we support and support us, lost relationships that did not serve us, entered new partnerships bringing out our better selves, and continue to welcome change.

May you embrace change, welcome it, and accept it. Keep growing. Keep going.

#changeisgood #blessedwithapurpose #coalitionofwomen #empowerment #inspire #valueofmoney

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