Self Care Is Not Selfish

Self Care Is Not Selfish

The constant question we all are asking each other, or of ourselves; How do you balance? Here are two examples; planning with prioritization, and saying ‘no, thank you.’

Planning with prioritization; what are the priorities, and what actions are necessary to complete. We are planning all areas of life, and not just work. We plan out the week. We plan out each day. And a hint is, each day has one hour of free time to account for the unaccountable. You know something will always arise, and it is okay.

Say ‘no, thank you;’ we do not need to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity. If it does not meet your mission and vision, then ‘no, thank you.’ If the opportunity does not match your target audience, then ‘no, thank you.’ If a person does not share the same motivations and aspirations, then ‘no, thank you.’ You always have a choice.

We cannot be our best selves if we do not take time for ourselves and be with those who inspire and empower us to be our greatest.

We MUST plan time a time for ourselves, we are worthy. Small steps are perfect.

Please take time each day for you. We only have one life, and we must enjoy.

We would love to hear how others take time for themselves. Please feel free to share in the comments.

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